Kaskade, #Redux and Output – A Match Made in EDM Heaven


Picture a Tuesday night. A blustering storm has overtaken New York City, conjuring up the meaning of April showers. In Brooklyn, hundreds of people line up on 12th St. and Wythe regardless. The doors won’t open for two more hours but they are waiting for Kaskade at Output, Brooklyn’s helm of Electronic Dance Music.

Forget the fuss and forget the frill. Output brings clubbing back to the basics with only two concerns in mind: sonic precision and movement. The sound system is one of the best, with music being Output’s sole emphasis. There’s no VIP, no designated tables, no bottle service to create a hierarchy. Even cell phone use is discouraged in the club, and taking picture’s outright forbidden.

Imagine just two floors united in solidarity, becoming one under the powerful force that is Ryan Raddon – better known as the one and only Kaskade.

You may or may not have seen Kasakde before in an arena or major music festival near you. Forget everything you would expect. Just like Output itself, Redux goes back to the basics with just 4 CDJ’s and the most excellent deep house.

“The inspiration for Redux was simplicity. My intention: to play small clubs, and for all who participated to be taken back a decade, when it was all about the music. When the term “House Music” meant something pure. I wanted to touch base with my foundation, and do it in a way that was intimate.” -Kaskade

Kaskade is a DJ often judged on his production, and it’s quite rare to see a superstar showcase their technical talent in this intimate way. A true professional of his craft, Kaskade conducted an unbelievable deep-house set that morphed anywhere from bass-driven vocal mashups to acid house reconstructions.

Redux, like Output, is truly all about the music: “an observance of massive sound but restrained lights, married with hedonic amounts of deep and emotive house”, as Kaskade describes. When a venue’s ideology can sync up with the tour like this, it’s a match made in EDM heaven.

Remember… Let the music speak! Redux is a declaration of independence. Advance tickets for Redux are unavailable, but click here for more information about the tour.