It’s no surprise how Kaskade feels about scalpers given that he tries to make the majority of his Redux shows “No Resales” and “Present card used for sale at the door”. He’s a man of the music through and through and this has only become more apparent with the rise of electronic music in the mainstream correlating with the steep rise in second hand ticket sales. So when a man named David tried to scalp Redux tickets for Kaskade’s Boston show at Bijou Nightclub for a ridiculous price on craigslist, Kaskade took to teaching David a lesson about what Redux shows should mean.

Kaskade posed as an eager buyer and arranged a meet with the guy outside his hotel, filming parts of the exchange on Instagram.

There’s still so many questions remaining. Did this scalper recognize Kaskade when he first met him? Is it okay to bust this guy not knowing his whole backstory? Is “redux” actually pronounced “Redoo” or”Reducks”? More importantly, how many people are going to try to scalp Redux tickets for ridiculous prices now to try and meet Kaskade?