Kalm Kaoz ft. Trinity Remix – White Rabbit (Lets Be Friends Remix) [Mysteryland Anthem]

Kalm Kaoz ft. Trinity Remix – White Rabit (Lets Be Friends Remix)
Label: ID&T | Release Date: May 15, 2014
Lets Be Friends recently unveiled an incredible remix of Kalm Kaoz’s “White Rabbit” as part of ID&T’s new record label, which will be part of the official theme song for this year’s inaugural Mysteryland showdown during Memorial Day Weekend in Bethel Woods, NY.

The thrilling remix has ‘White Rabbit’ singing of Alice and her journey through Wonderland, chasing rabbits and eating mushrooms. The mysterious and stuttered vocals create a suspenseful build that leads to a wobbly and irresistible electro drop. The electric guitar remake was done by the LBF boys themselves, impressive! This ‘White Rabbit’ remix was a great choice for Mysteryland USA and plays perfect homage to the original grounds of Woodstock. Take a listen and grab your copy today!