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With just a few weeks until the new 25 track LP titled while(1<2) releases, another one of its upcoming singles “Seeya” feat Colleen Dagostino is premiered on BBC radio 1. This track, alongside the techy and anthemic “Avaritia” can be yours after pre-order of the Joel’s new full length. “Seeya” is something a little diffferent from the Mau5, as it sees him leaning into the slower and funkier side of house music and an almost unheard of sound from him. He describes it modestly “its just a little funky upbeat thing that I like”. “Seeya” is in complete contrast to “Avaritia,” which should give us a solid indication of the kind of variety that While(1<2) will provide fans and new listeners alike. Joel goes on to discuss with Zane his plans to hit the Gum-ball rally in his Ferrari, and an upcoming party with the ever impressive Max Cooper. Check it all out in the Soundcloud link below. “Seeya” will be available instantly on the 27th of May after pre ordering, while the full album drops June 17th.