Calvin Harris Reportedly Offered Over $11 Million to Stay at Hakkasan

Hakkasan is not ready to let go of one of its main players anytime soon. According to various reports, even though we are in the middle of the year and the peak summertime season hasn’t even started yet, Calvin Harris is being offered over $11 million to stay at the  #1 club in the US. While Hakkasan is barely a year old, its gained a foothold as a powerhouse since its grand opening. For instance, Harris and Tiesto, both resident DJs since the beginning, were the only DJs to make it to Forbes Top 25 Highest Paid Musicians list of 2013. Harris initially went into a two-year contract with Hakkasan, but now it’s time to renew and they aren’t looking to part ways. Makes sense of course, DJs switch residencies in Vegas every year and claim loyalty to club while signing with another. It’s just business. But now Hakkasan has upped the ante with a major pay increase.

It may come as a surprise that DJs have a personal life and families outside of the clubs and festivals they frequent so often, but Harris told the Daily Star: “I need to be in LA because I have a gig in Las Vegas every week. Now I have to cope with all this hot weather and sexy people. I’m lucky I can get to do music and do well and still do normal stuff unless I’m out with the missus – then I get a lot of attention. We see each other like four days every two weeks, so it’s like an issue when she’s around. We’d probably get sick of each other if we had a whole month (together).”

There’s not a doubt in our minds that Calvin Harris will be in Vegas next year, especially if the standard of $11 million dollar contracts is set into motion. We’ll just have to wait and see if Hakkasan will be his home again in 2015. For now, it would appear they’ve got their man.

Source: Entertainment Wise