Andrew Bayer – Time to Forget (Original Mix)

Andrew Bayer’s first artist album, “It’s Artificial”, dropped back in 2011 and featured a host of tracks that defied the standards of just about every genre out there. If there was on album that year that truly was unique from start to finish, it was that album. Some may recall a special track that wasn’t on the standard tracklist; this track was attainable through an email signup and was titled: “Time to Forget”. Bayer recently brought this track back to light by sharing a 3 year old YouTube link. What makes this particular little tune so special is that it was actually a school assignment during his time at Berklee. Bayer was given the task of creating an entire track around a short vocal sample, using no instruments or other samples. It’s nothing more than audio processing of that little vocal loop and the result is pretty incredible. If anyone had any doubts about Bayer’s production prowess (which…really shouldn’t even be a thing) this should put those doubts to rest. This does leave us with one question though: Andrew, are there any other gems from your school days you’d mind sharing with us?