Tiesto ft. Matthew Koma – Wasted (Ummet Ozcan Remix)

Curious listeners with open ears are further being baited into Tiesto’s upcoming (untitled) album with his exclusive premiere of “Wasted”. Radiating a cheery, nonchalant vibe similar to NONONO’s “Pumpin Blood,” “Wasted” is  Tiesto’s attempt “to make a song that straddles the line between indie/alternative rock and dance music,” and indeed balances the two ingeniously.

In attempts to outdo the big man himself, Ummet Ozcan commits to an incredibly peppy remix of “Wasted” which intertwines a creative hodgepodge of elements without making it neither cheesy nor overworked. Splicing Matthew Koma’s vocals within a vamped up tempo, Ozcan adds a quirky twist to what could potentially have be ‘just another Koma song,’ to produce an oxymoronic high-velocity, yet chill song. And of course, as catchy and sprightly the indie-spirit of the song is, as not to leave his electronic fans with the lingering aftertaste of being cheated from their EDM madness, Ozcan adds a much harder drop than in Tiesto’s original. A unequivocal summer hit, check out both Ozcan’s remix and the original and see which one tickles your fancy.