Talul – Like An Angel EP

The up and coming Germany based DJ/producer, Feras Kabbara aka Talul have been making spiritual and artful Deep House tunes that exhibit a very tranquil and soothing nature, Like An Angel EP is no exception. The original track features a low pitched, calming vocal that echoes softly along the exquisite guitar rhythm and the mellow bassline. Two remixes of “Like An Angel” are also included in this EP, which contains a more upbeat bassline. The Italian DJ/producer, Sasch added a Deep-Techno spin to “Like An Angel” with some dark analogue groovy sounds and smooth piano chords. German DJ/producer, Rico Puestel, also gave the tune a dance interpretation by incorporating ringing synth rhythms and some smooth strings on top of a steady bassline. The official digital release of Like An Angel will be out on PIMPRINELLA, April 29th. In the meantime, check out these soothing tunes below!