Imogen Heap, the UK based singer and composer, and a small team have been developing a groundbreaking bit of technology with aims to revolutionize how music is created. The tech in question: Mi.Mu Gloves. She began working 4 years ago with a few engineers and artists, developing the technology as more of a side-project. Now the gloves are nearing their final iteration and she has started a kick starter to raise £200,000 by the beginning of May. The gloves currently sport traditional flex sensors in the fingers, haptic motors, programmable RGB LEDs, low latency Wi-Fi enabled IMU motion tracking and open fingers for use with touch screen devices. The very basic (and probably partially inaccurate) gist is to be able to play a computer based music production program (your general plethora of DAWs) as intuitively and organically as a piano. The demonstrations she’s put together are pretty incredible, and there’s a great deal of potential in this wearable tech; they have decided to release the hardware and software as open source so as to let people re-program the devices and edit it as they see fit. There’s no telling what they’ll go for once they release, but they’re not likely going to be cheap. For more info on the technology itself, check out their Kickstarter page; you can also check out a quick demonstration below.