Dead Body In A Swimming Pool – Smallest Of Dots (Dino Lenny Original Mix)

Fine Human Records is an upstart label that’s setting  out to develop a heavily curated collection of artists with fine tuned tracks. They’re placing a distinct focus on bringing the human element out of this technologically driven industry, and the Dino Lenny Original Mix of “Smallest of Dots” does exactly that. Frankly, it should be their halo-track, representing everything they’re striving for. The mix provides eerily visceral vocals with a Crystal Castles’-esque sound, and a deep breakdown that makes the Mariana Trench look like a kiddy pool. Attention to detail is incredible, every aspect seeps seamlessly into one another. Everything slowly changes to give the feel that the track is constantly evolving and builds towards a glorious end. The two minute preview alone is enough to get lost in, and can be streamed below.