Skrillex feat. The Ragga Twins – All Is Fair in Love and Brostep

If you’ve been on social media at all today, you may have caught wind that a very popular bass music producer, Sonny Moore, would be dropping a full brand new album today through fairly unconventional methods. Well the rumors are true, and Skrillex has used his official game for iPhone/Android “Alien Ride” to begin releasing individual tracks off his latest LP “Recess.” First track on the list is “All Is Fair in Love and Brostep”, formerly floating around with the names “Untitled DJ Tool” and “This Much Power.” It made its debut on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix last summer, it’s evident Skrillex has brushed the song up a bit for its official release. Utilizing the vocals of London based reggae group Ragga Twins, Skrillex delivers a heavy, in-your-melted-face record that’s reminiscent of the same sounds and elements that changed the bass music scene. Stay up to date with each tracks individual release on his Alien Ride app throughout the rest of the night!

…aaaaand we have another: