Recap: Morgan Page Takes Over Avalon Hollywood for 2 Consecutive Sold Out Shows

First opening its doors in the heart of Hollywood in 1927, the now historic landmark, Avalon, continues to live on in all its glory. When the place is empty, it is a sight of grandeur where breathtaking architecture inspires visions of Hollywood’s glory days. Now the beautiful theater fills with EDM fans and club goers every Friday for ‘Control‘ and Saturday for the famed ‘Avaland‘ nights. Known for bringing in the top artists of every genre, Avalon runs the gamut of electronic music from trap to trance. Besides top artists performing every weekend, Avalon draws throngs of people with its massive dance floor with plenty of room to move around and dance, even on sold out nights. Another perk is that most nights are 18 plus, which is unique for Los Angeles’ electronic music club scene and gives the opportunity for younger fans to quench their musical thirst. It is a grand club with a relatively laid back vibe, it is here that you will find the most dedicated fans dancing until 5 or 7  in the morning. With all this in mind, this past weekend played host to a complete Morgan Page takeover. The American producer sold out both nights of the 2,000 capacity venue well in advance.

Upon arrival, I made my way through the long lines of people waiting outside to get in. I walked the red carpet and through the grand theater doors entering into the foyer. I could hear the pounding music of Lazy Rich‘s opening set, but I had no idea what awaited me on the other side of the wall in the main room. There it was, a sea of people swaying and bouncing in unison to the builds and drops of the music. I had never seen Avalon so packed. I made my way backstage to get a a DJ’s-eye-view of the place. The crowd spread out beyond the dance floor, they were even cramming into every space on the balcony-mezzanine level overlooking the main floor. I noticed that recent renovations had been made with new LED side panels flanking the main room and a new cross bar of strobes and lights above the center of the dance floor. These additions definitely made for a better visual experience. Lazy Rich finished his set and presented the warmed up crowed to the prolific Morgan Page.

Morgan Page took over the decks with ease and wasted no time creating the rhythm of the night. The freshest electro beats filled the space in between fan favorites, ‘Carry Me‘, ‘Longest Road‘, ‘Fight For You‘ and more. The skilled mashups brought life and relevance to newer tracks and kept them up to par with the energy of the club. The crowd moved, bounced, cheered, clapped, and kept asking for more. Visuals bounced off the walls in time with the beat and Morgan Page unleashed a full arsenal of high energy hooks and drops. When Morgan dropped his most recent single ‘Against the World’, a very special guest appeared on stage, Michael S. It was a beautiful live performance of ‘Against the World‘ and  a highlight of the night.  After that special surprise, without dropping a beat, Morgan Page continued his performance pulling various musical elements from his recent Morgan Page Presents 3D tour.  I lost track of time in the onslaught of familiar melodies and high energy beats, that before I knew it 2:00 am arrived and Morgan’s set was coming to a close. The crowd had barely thinned and were yearning for more. Cheers erupted as the last track played, Morgan Page took his final bow and then took the time to socialize with a few fans before taking off to rest up for round 2 the next day.

As my 7th time seeing Morgan Page in the past year, I left Avalon feeling musically satisfied. Morgan Page has yet to disappoint me and this time was no different. People throughout the club had smiles on their faces and the general consensus was that Page blew the place up.

Photo credits: Oh Dag Yo Photo