Parents Spy On Kids Attending Festivals In New BBC Show

Imagine, everything you do when you attend a festival. The way you dance. The way you dress. What you ingest. Now, imagine your parents watching all of that on video! This week, BBC Three premiered a new series that gives parents the opportunity to watch as their kids take part in the wild festival antics. Properly titled, Festivals, Sex and Suspicious Parents, the show follows young festival goers in the U.K. It’s a fairly aggressive, realistic insight for parents whose offspring attend music festivals and who are curious about what goes on at them.

In the first episode, the crew follows Lauren, 19, and Chris, 20, who attend the U.K.’s Kendal Calling Festival. Alcohol seems to be the only substance they fall under the influence of, which seems to be enough! The two do everything from vomiting and urinating in public, to stripping off their clothes!