Krewella – Party Monster (Official Music Video)

Krewella continues to churn out interesting music videos from their ‘Get Wet’ album with the release of their video for ‘Party Monster‘. The song itself is a hardstyle/trap conglomerate that was intended to get crowds drenched. And what better way to do that with a cryptic, rap-style esque music video? It’s hard to truly express what is going on in this music video: there’s headbanging, cars doing donuts, leather, secret symbols and cake. While the previous video for ‘Human‘ and ‘Enjoy The Ride‘ show the emotional side of the Krew’s music, ‘Party Monster’ is another example of what music videos are like in the mainstream: random video bits with really good visual effects. Overall the video adds to the motif of the song: rage, rage, and rage some more.