Krewella – Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)

Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)

Krewella – Enjoy the Ride (Vicetone Remix)
Columbia (Sony) | Release Date: March 03, 2014

Krewella’s newest single has recently received the remix treatment from trance expert Armin van Buuren, and now it’s time for Ruben and Victor to step up to the plate. The Vicetone duo put their electro house spin on the Krew track, creating a different melody around Jahan and Yasmine’s vocals. Vicetone are no strangers when it comes to Krewella tunes, seeing as they also remixed their track with Nicky Romero, “Legacy”. Next up, Ruben and Victor are heading out on their “Lowdown” tour, so check out the tour dates and be sure to catch a show if they are in your area. You might just hear them drop their remix of “Enjoy the Ride”, which is out now available through Columbia Records on Beatport!