Incredible DJ documentary Hits Kickstarter, and Needs Your Help

The majority of the world’s top producers live the life of rock stars; partying and living to the utmost extreme. So it seems rather ironic that often times, these producers grew up being some of the world’s biggest geeks; opting to make electronic beats on a friday night rather than live it up with their friends on the town.

  ‘Before We Were Kings’ – A documentary with the ambition of focusing on someone who has difficulty blending into social settings, but takes up the art form of DJ’ing as a hobby.

In a rather ambitious documentary, Brandon W. Ross speaks with some of the scene’s top geek-turned-rock stars as they live a life completely contrary to their instincts. These Djs include the likes of Wolfgang Gardner and Mobdy, as well as a handful of others, openly admit they often have trouble mingling in with society. It is this anxiety that lead them to DJing, as if they were prescribed it as an anxiety pill.

The reason the filmmakers are turning to a means such as Kickstarter are because they need funds to reach certain locations to shoot essential footage, and while they have already invested plenty of their own money into the project, they need your help to see it through. Click the link below to check out their official Kickstarter page to learn more about their project and the ambition behind it.

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