If you follow what we write here at EDMTunes, we are always talking about the power of music to overcome adversity, to triumph in times of turmoil, and on the days we need it most, to be there for us. Just last year our hearts were all touched by the story of a man who went to Escape From Wonderland for his one last rave, and the girl at EDC Vegas who had her dreams come true from Above & Beyond (if you haven’t heard that story, be prepared for a feels trip).

This year ID&T is enacting two projects to further exemplify the peace, love, unity and respect that we as a community hold so dear. The first project is entitled “One World” and is put together by Arne Quinze, in collaboration with Tomorrowland. The mission is to put together a literal bridge of positive messages from the ‘People of Tomorrow’. This is the description that can be found on the People of Tomorrow homepage under learn more:

A project open to anyone in the world wanting to proclaim the positive message ‘ to unite ‘, will be setup in the form factor of an architectural art foundation. With a strong online and application driven structure as a backbone. A funding of + 200.000 people and their individual message will be literally bridging a path of 450 meters long and 30 meters high. A physical construction, built out of thousands wooden slates, all engraved with unique and positive quotes by its participants will be shaped by the hand of Arne Quinze into a architectural art construction. An installation primarily constructed out of metal, wood and glass, built in the parc “Provincial Domein De Schorre of Boom”, the heimat of Tomorrowland, with a central Art Piece in line with Arne Quinze’s ‘ Natural Chaos ’ concept, acting as a hub for bringing together the 3 different paths made of wooden messages.

One World by People Of Tomorrow. A public art piece by Arne Quinze from People Of Tomorrow on Vimeo.

The second project is entitled ‘We Are ‘The People Of Tomorrow’ is an idea to show the acts of kindness that come forth from EDM. The mission is to put together 200 different user-submitted videos of people showing acts of kindness for a documentary. The details for the contest along with the current state of the project can be found here. Be sure to not let this opportunity to be a part of history pass up, as the 200 winners will receive tickets to Tomorrowland 2014. So go out, be your normal plur self, and enter to win tickets to the Land of Tomorrow.