French producer and legendary DJ/hype man, DJ Snake & Lil’ Jon, have taken the world by storm with their collaborated record “Turn Down for What?”, reaching gold status in the U.S. and giving birth to one of the most widely used humorous catchphrases in young society today. And in the light-hearted, heavy-bass hitting spirit of the song, the official music video is anything but turned down. It’s difficult to put this video into words besides simply saying that a young man located the roof of an apartment building makes sure everyone residing there turns down for NOTHING. Like some kind of deep, complex  antihero of TurntUp-ness, he makes his way through various levels of the building hilariously infecting tenants with what can only be described as intense, animalistic, mega-hype, liberating them from their average day-to-day turnt down lives. If you’re still asking yourself this now age old question, the video ultimately proves how clearly rhetorical the question really is.