Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston vs Arty – You Got To Believe

Above & Beyond vs. Arty – You Got to Believe
Label: Anjunabeats | Release Date: March 31st, 2014

Part of what makes going to live shows so entertaining is the chance to hear new and unexpected music from our favorite artists. There’s always this sense of anxiousness when looking for that “ID” track in a set, or that faint hope that a mashup track will actually get released (so we don’t have to listen to a cruddy set rip). Often times they never hit the internet though, and we have to wait on the next show to have a chance at hearing it again. Today though, Anjunabeats have gifted us with quite the surprise in the form of Arty’s mashup of his track “Believe” and Above & Beyond’s “You Got to Go”. Arty even mentioned how he never thought this would hit official release. Slotted to drop on March 31st, the mashup is a seamless combination of Zoë Johnston’s smooth vocals and the uplifting melodies of the instrumentals in Believe. Above & Beyond debuted it in Australia last year and drew an enthusiastic reaction from fans and from us, and we’re quite thrilled to now be able to take the track with us wherever we may go (come March 31st, that is).