Skrillex Sued for Stage Diving in LA and Allegedly Injuring a Fan

Skrillex is usually highly regarded for his killer stage presence and crowd-hyping antics, but this time his high-energy attitude has gotten him into some hot water. A fan, Jennifer Fraissl, has filed a lawsuit against the  DJ for injuries arising from a stage dive. The alleged incident took place at The Belasco in L.A. back in February 2012. Fraissl claims that Skrillex dove from the elevated DJ booth into the crowd and landed on top of her. Because Skrillex was hyping up the crowd and teasing a stage dive, fans swarmed the stage, trapping Fraissl. The impact supposedly caused her several injuries including an eventual stroke. Names listed in the suit are Sonny Moore and The Belasco, who is responsible for not preventing the ‘reckless act’. Fraissl is seeking unspecified damages including loss of income and medical expenses. Celebrity gossip site TMZ has dug up what they believe to be a video of the incident, which you can check out for yourself below. We sure hope this doesn’t mean there won’t be any more stage dives in the future ….