According to Antwerp TV, Tomorrowland’s second weekend might not happen..uh oh. Thanks to the wonderful Dutch translator on your team, we were able to get the gist of what the locals are so angry about. Due to its cranky neighbors, they want the first weekend nuisances limited and they definitely don’t want the second weekend. There is an inkling that Tomorrowland doesn’t have the proper permits to hold the second weekend. More consultations to follow…..

The residents started a petition last week but are now going to a “small-claims” judge, because otherwise there will not be enough time for a judgment. The attorney for the residents says that the organization hasn’t been honest about certain permits, like city planning-type permits. The second weekend is not acceptable to them.

The first weekend is not in jeopardy, but depends on how they propose to run it. The province and municipalities, which have received money in compensation for the nuisance, cannot judge this objectively.The attorney says that that’s a truly regrettable situation, but she questions who is actually to blame for that. She says that it’s not plausible that such a professional organization would take on such a large project and that magnitude of financial risk before they have the required permits.

In other words, they don’t like what this festival is doing to the surrounding area and they think they’ve found a legal avenue to stop it.

Tickets aren’t on sale yet, and until something is confirmed, weekend two is still a go.

via – ATV