Popeska feat. Denny White – Heart Of Glass

If you’ve been keeping up with all the recent releases in the EDM world lately, there seems to be three general types of EDM tracks: the bangers, the trance limbos, and the feel-good, upbeat vibes.  Well, the 20 year old straight out of Atlanta, Georgia hit the feel-good nail right on the head with the release of “Heart of Glass.” Making this one without any synthesizers, Popeska uses perfectly placed drum kicks, hi-hats and snares to accompany the pure, echoing vocals by Denny White that continue throughout the song. And if you can guess what beautiful string instrument is used to make the riffs in the outro then kudos to you!  A truly genius instrumental to vocal setup is just what the new DJ that “likes music” needed to jump start his EDM career. Check out the track below and get it off iTunes today!