Monstercat – 016 Expedition Album Featuring 33 Tracks from 28 Artists

Up today is a huge 33 track collection of the best Monstercat tracks since Outlook 015; Expedition 016. Some of the artists included on this album include Monstercat’s best: Pegboard Nerds, Fractal, Lets Be Friends, Tristam, Varien and Razihel to name a few. There are some well known tracks like Pegboard Nerd’s “Bassline Kickin'” and Astronaut’s “Rain”, and there are 2 hour long mixes of each half of the album. The pack was available for free download from 12-2 PST, getting so popular that it crashed the bandcamp website. Since we are such avid Monstercat fans here, we have written up a large majority of the tracks that are featured on it. So below is a blast from the past, highlighting some of the tracks we have already written up and ones that if you haven’t already, need to be checked out.

Nanobii – Rainbow Road

Nanobii uses scintillating, high-octave piano melodies anchored by a pounding bass to create a uniquely innocent, almost juvenile song – an adjective I don’t think I’ve ever used to describe a dance music song. But by no means is the song immature in technical musicality. Nanobii’s signature sound of jubilee and animation is rightfully captured in “Rainbow Road,” and will have listeners feeling like they are soaring through a sky of cotton candy clouds on a Lisa Frank unicorn – or for the males listeners, zipping through the Rainbow Road stage of Mario Kart on Star Power.

7 Minutes Dead – Peacock
This electric journey is layered with sounds and musical influences that showcase the talent that 7MD is working with. While we’ve gotten to know him from his “4-on-the-floor” productions, this song strays away from that in an attempt to break the mold and offer a song that is filled with multiple sounds to keep you forever guessing. This multi-faceted song with it’s myriad of noises truly earns itself the name ‘Peacock’.

Lets Be Friends – FTW

The track opens up with Triple H pumping up the crowd and preparing for the onslaught of dubstep that will ensue. The track immediately goes into a heavy dubstep drop reminiscent of that Knife Party sound we all fell in love with and that LBF has crafted into their own unique style. As the drop dies down, the chorus builds a large electro synthesizer solo, then adds some lasers for good measure. But what makes the song is the second drop, a mixture of the dubstep intro and that electro crescendo from before that will have you leaving your feet. If you’re a fan of LBF or just good old fashioned bass music then this will just be another addition to your musical arsenal.


  1. Once Again – Tristam (Free Download
  2. Rat Twist – PIXL
  3. New Game – Nitro Fun
  4. Apollo (Electro Mix) – Astronaut
  5. Peacock (Haywyre Remix) – 7 Minutes Dead
  6. What’s Going On (feat. Isabel Higuero) – Droptek
  7. Bassline Kickin’ (Dzeko & Torres Remix) – Pegboard Nerds
  8. Savage – Case & Point
  9. State of Mind – Atmozfears
  10. FTW – Lets Be Friends
  11. Blue – Au5 & Fractal
  12. Till It’s Over – Tristam
  13. Let Me Out – Mr FijiWiji
  14. Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm)
  15. Endgame – Muzzy
  16. Parallax – Direct
  17. Renzokuken – Razihel
  18. Rain – Astronaut
  19. The Scarlet Dawn – Varien
  20. Spection – Fractal
  21. Shadow – Bustre
  22. Canvas – Rezonate
  23. Daydreamer (feat. Bijou) – TwoThirds
  24. Peacock – 7 Minutes Dead
  25. Bassline Kickin’ – Pegboard Nerds
  26. Just Wait for It (feat. Juvon Taylor) – Chris Ramos
  27. Buzz Kill – PIXL
  28. We Are the Robots (feat. Temu) – Insan3Lik3
  29. Rain (Stephen Walking Remix) – Astronaut
  30. Rainbow Road – Nanobii
  31. Arrival Album Mix – Monstercat
  32. Departure Album Mix – Monstercat