Pharrell is living everyone else’s dream; he won 4 Grammy awards, got a satirical twitter handle made after his fashion choice, and has been able to work with the legendary Daft Punk. Now, as he gets ready to release his second studio album “G I R L”, Pharrell revealed that the dynamic duo that he refers to as ‘the robots,’ will be featured on the track ‘Gust Of Wind’. The Line Of Best Fit gave a track by track review of the album and had this to say about ‘Gust Of Wind’:

“Gust of Wind” is Pharrell’s “personal favourite” song on G  I  R  L, and he likes it so much that he plays it twice, excitedly jumping back to the start before the first play-through has even finished. He tells us that this one features “the robots,” and that the punchy offbeat guitar comes from a young Canadian prodigy called Francesco Yates. It begins with zigzagging strings, and then that unmistakeable vocoder voice wraps itself around the climbing bassline and pumps mightily, nigh-on unintelligibly through the chorus. “Mothership Other cannot go away” sings Skateboard P, repping his new iamOther creative collective. By this point, it becomes apparent that the narrative personae that Pharrell embodies on these songs are somehow more Romantic than the libidinous paramours of previous outings, and they are all the sexier and more endearing for it.

[h/t] The Line Of Best Fit