Big Gigantic Releases New Album, ‘The Night Is Young’, with Free Download Option

Big G Night is young

Big Gigantic – The Night Is Young
Genre: Electro Funk | Release Date: February 11th, 2014

In between relentless touring, Big Gigantic has somehow found a way to produce a new album, titled “The Night Is Young”, which has just been released. The duo consisting of Dominic Lalli on the sax and Jeremy Salken on the drums has a been a driving force behind the expansion of Electro-Soul/Future-Funk over the past several years, and the ability to evolve their sound while remaining true to the distinctive style they’re known for has been a key to this success.

This most recent album is a perfect example of that sentiment. At its core, it’s still those same funky, soulful melodies fans expect from Big Gigantic, but it plays around with a variety of new ideas, from varied tempos to bigger doses of that electro punch. The result is an impressive collection of diverse songs with a familiar thread, keeping you guessing from track to track but never letting you forget it’s a Big G product. You can download “The Night Is Young” on Big Gigantic’s website or support the album by buying it on iTunes.