Ben Gold – #Goldrush Volume 1 EP

I recently stumbled across Ben Gold a few months back, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only are his original tracks a perfect blend of gnarly electro bass lines, but his trance hooks consistently send you to the sky. On top of all that, his live sets and online mixes once again seamlessly blend electro and trance together. It goes without saying that this man needs much more recognition, and needs to be brought to the limelight.

And with his upcoming EP release of #Goldrush Vol 1, heads will turn. The two tracks taken from his upcoming EP, which includes his originals titled ‘Thriller’ and ‘Vortex,’ are true testaments of what Ben is capable of delivering. Both tracks have aggressive and pounding bass lines that have been Ben’s staple since his emergence years ago. Look for the EP being released exclusively on Beatport on February 17th off of Garuda Music