Bastille – Flaws (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Bastille remix craze is in full force the past few months in the EDM scene, and while “Pompeii” is a crowd favorite, it would be unlike Chainsmokers to just follow the pack. Being ardent Bastille fans from the start, Alex and Drew have apparently barraged Bastille’s team with emails requesting to do a remix – well, they kept at it and here they are with a remix of “Flaws.” With the fan threat of “If you mess up a Bastille song, I will find you, and I will cut you” hanging heavy around their necks, the selfie-advocating duo keep the foundational integrity of the song, but veer towards a more emotive feel, as opposed to the bubbly original in order to match the tone of the lyrics.

And because it’s never just a song with the Chainsmokers, they provide some awesome fun facts such as – If you Google ‘Zerg Rush,’ Google will eat your search results. Enjoy the new song!