Zedd Wins Grammy’s ‘Best Dance Recording’ for ‘Clarity’ and Dedicates it to Skrillex

Now that the dust has settled and we all have to get back to work, it’s time to discuss the one of the most memorable EDM Grammy moments that took place last night in Los Angeles.

The multi-talented Anton Zaslavski, also known as Zedd, received the coveted award for a tune that really took 2013 by storm. We ALL know about ‘Clarity’ and what this song did for EDM. When you weren’t hearing it being dropped in a set, it was on the radio and that is significant for getting dance music out to more audiences. When Zedd and Foxes took to the stage to accept the award, Zedd gave a special shout out to someone who was in the audience: Skrillex. He thanked his friend for believing in him from the start and even went as far as dedicating his Grammy to Sonny. Zedd has such a way with bringing the feels…this was one of those occasions.