Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic – The Most Dangerous Game (Weiss Remix)

Weiss seems to be pretty busy lately. “Guitar Man” is on the verge of release, an Ariana & Rose remix now online, and now he’s given “The Most Dangerous Game” a new spin. The sounds themselves aren’t too terribly different, but tempo has been dropped down significantly and the attitude of the song has been changed. Instead of being a warmup-set floor lifter, it’s now more like something you’d expect to hear while walking into the coolest bar or coffee house in the city in the middle of a lazy afternoon.

This isn’t to say it’s lost it’s life or funk n’ spunk, not at all; the tune is still groovy as anything but it’s been given a totally new role, and that’s impressive, especially given the few structural changes that were made. It’ll be interesting to see how the the whole remix ends up, but for now get in a head-bobbing mood with the Soundcloud stream above.