Myon & Shane 54 + Late Night Alumni – Under Your Cloud 
Label: Ride Recordings | Release Date: TBA
One of the most marvelous aspects specific to the dance music genre are the frequent births of collaborations and side projects among our favorite artists. A recently match made in house heaven is the union between Myon and Shane 54 and Late Night Alumni. MS54’s Summer of Love remix of Late Night Alumni’s “Every Breath is Like a Heartbeat” gave us an ear opening glimpse into the potential of maximum sonic pleasure when the two come together. The new single “Under Your Cloud” is Late Night Alumni’s penchant for creating heart fluttering melodies combined with MS54’s electrifying breakdowns and bass lines. Premiered on MS54’s International Departures Podcast episode 216, the collaboration has resulted in an intoxicating dance lullaby, and we can’t get enough. There’s no release date yet, but keep checking back for updated information. For now, check out International Departures 216 to the listen or watch the video below. Myon & Shane 54 and Late Night Alumni are currently embarking on their ‘Heartbeat‘ tour together, be sure to check them out when they visit your city!