Man Falls From Scaffolding at Australia’s Origin NYE Music Festival


A man took a dangerous plunge at Australia’s Origin NYE festival. A$AP Rocky’s closing words to the crowd were suddenly interrupted when a fan climbed out onto the rafters above the stage. As the man hung from the scaffolding with one arm, Rocky addressed the incident exclaiming,”Oh s*** kid, come on man, be careful. Somebody help this kid before he kills himself.” As the fan reached for a helping hand, the scaffolding appears to sway, causing him to fall to the ground beneath. The crowd gasped in horror and Rocky asks “He’s okay though, right?!” Medical and security personnel rushed to the man’s aid, as he lay on the floor still conscious. After confirming that the man was alright, Rocky returned to the stage for one final song. According to the West Australian his injuries are “serious, but not life threatening.” Check out the terrifying footage below, captured by DJ Bonics and a fan at the show.