Kap Slap’s First Festival Performance – Snowglobe 2013 Live Set

This year, at Snowglobe, Kap Slap made his first festival debut, and our team was lucky enough to be front and center to witness the greatness that he had in store for Lake Tahoe. You could say expectations were high after giving him a showcase slot, but even that wouldn’t do it justice.

Kap Slap, amidst a hundred other DJs, is one of those people you know that when the game is on the line, he would be able to turn it up a notch and do great things.  And that he did. It was so good, we had to ask him for the live set recording.  It was too good to keep to ourselves.

So here it is, Kap Slap has graciously offered us his Snowglobe 2013 set for free.  Lace up your gym shoes, or save it for your next party.  You won’t regret it. Download and enjoy today!