Gareth Emery – “U” ft. Bo Bruce

After wide success with “Concrete Angels” in 2012, Gareth Emery seems to have been stooped up in his studio working on his big album rumored to release early this year.  Luckily, being huddled away from all the EDM hype and hubbub of 2013 forced Emery to refocus and stay true to his musical style, as previewed in his new single, “U” featuring The Voice UK runner up Bo Bruce.

In October 2013, he posted a note to listeners on his Facebook page:

News flash: my upcoming 2014 album will not feature trap, dubstep, drops or “that sound” we’ve heard in about 10000 EDM tracks this year.

Don’t get me wrong – I like “bangers” and have played my fair share of them, especially at festivals when they’re pretty fun, but that isn’t the musical direction I am going in right now.

It’s all about melody & songs. In a variety of styles.

About 85% there… I know it’s been a while so thank you for sticking with me. I am working hard to reward your patience.

“U” starts off  with Bruce’s ethereal vocals and progressive melodies from electric guitar and piano instrumentals creating that classically uplifting Emery sound, when half way through the song, an incredible electro synth riff subsumes the song leaving listeners with the thought, “He’s back!” Listen to the track below and grab a copy from iTunes starting February 4th.