Skrillex and Flume’s Completed 2-track Collaboration

Earlier this month we wrote a piece surrounding the rumors that Skrillex and Flume were going to be in the studio working on a collaboration together. Well, a little while after Holy Ship ended, Gary Richards, aka Destructo and the founder of HARD events held an interview with Miami New Times where he not-so-subtly hinted that Skrillex and Flume had in fact completed a two-track collaboration.

“In fact, Richards claims “a ton” of collaborations have resulted from the close quarters and chill vibe. Skrillex is what they call an “OG.” He hasn’t missed a year and has since worked with fellow shipmate Boys Noize, as well as just wrapped up a two-track collab with Flume, a Holy-Ship-virgin-no-more.”

The rest of the interview can be found through the Miami New Times link above, and you can check back here to find out any news on the upcoming collab.