We’ve all been there – rolling your eyes at your mom who constantly asks why you listen to roaring dinosaurs and laser beams or that friend that just doesn’t get the beauty of a well-crafted progressive track. Well, the tables have turned on this EDM-lover, for Crookers’ official video “Heavy” had me scratching my head at first. Released along with “Get Excited” to promote his new summer album, the “Heavy” video comes with some instructions:

Do yourself a favour and listen to it on some proper speakers or headphones because, as the name suggests, it’s got some seriously weighty low-end frequencies.

strongly suggest you follow the instructions. With headphones and without – different as day and night. Though the song may sound simple to the bear ear, headphones jack up the heavy bass that I’m sure “Heavy” emerged from and give it an unreal facelift. It also heightens the err, female vocals? in the middle of the track for all you pornstep lovers. In addition, the video portays a screen capture of a computer with 90s-reminiscent animations of Wordart and anvils flying around left and right – heavy stuff. Grab your headphones and check it out for yourself!