7 Minutes Dead – Peacock EP

Usually it’s very difficult for us to pick a genre for a certain song because of the ranges in sound and the blurring of genre lines. But to save us some time, 7 Minutes Dead aptly named his song ‘Peacock’ to represent the color and positive vibes filled in his song. This electric journey is layered with sounds and musical influences that showcase the talent that 7MD is working with. While we’ve gotten to know him from his “4-on-the-floor” productions, this song strays away from that in an attempt to break the mold and offer a song that is filled with multiple sounds to keep you forever guessing.

For good measure, Haywyre heard his fellow Monstercat member’s track and decided that he couldn’t allow the single to be released without a proper remix. While the original takes a trip through the lands of electro/trance/house sounds, Haywyre brings it through the glitchy/hip-hop world with a little bit of soul. It’s hard to imagine one without the other, and it just goes to show the musical prowess that is Haywyre and 7 Minutes Dead. The ‘Peacock’ single is out now, while Haywyre’s remix comes out on the 29th.