Wolfgang Gartner – Piranha

Wolfgang Gartner is one of the very few producers who fails to fall off the map or become noticeably quiet in this extremely competitive and frequently changing musical frontier. Ask any common raver about electro anthems “Illmaerica” or “Space Junk” and you’d immediately get them to hum the melody for you. Forever keeping his name out there over the course of his career, the red-blooded American producer has had numerous #1 Beatport singles, a Grammy nomination, remixed songs for artists like Britney Spears, Timbaland and Tiesto, has worked with trendy producers like Skrillex, collaborated with the extremely selective Deadmau5 on more than one occasion, and has come off a very successful Hounds of Hell tour with Tommy Trash this year.

Having only a teaser video till its release date on December 17th, one can immediately tell that “Piranha” will posses that signature extremely electric yet boldly melodic sound that Gartner breathes into all his tracks. The audio is mainly the back end of the intro with the build and literally a single note of the drop, keeping its listener excited and curious as to what this man-eating record will potentially sound like. Listen to the preview below!