Tomorrowland 2014 Announced for 2 Weekends

Tomorrowland 2014

In celebration of 2014, Tomorrowland’s 10th anniversary, the event will be…are you ready…expanded to two weekends.  Yes festival fanatics, the world’s most highly sought after music festival will now have twice as many tickets available for the upcoming 2014 festival season.  This announcement was made today by the (get your translator ready) Antwerp Gazzette, that permits have been issued for two weekends, by the cities Boom and Rumst.  Although ID&T has yet to comment, city officials appear to be somewhat certain this will be happening.

It’s hard to be surprised at this announcement, with how popular the festival has become.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds, as lineups are announced for next year. What does everyone think?  A worthwhile response to an incredible demand, or a “watering-down” of the world’s most sought after festival?

Photo Credit: Tjoez Website | Facebook