Throwback Thursday: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You

Ah, the one hit wonder. “Music Sounds Better With You” was the only song the band Stardust ever wrote together, and it was indeed one of the signature songs of the 90s. Making appearances in top-dance-music-songs-of-all-time lists on a regular basis, this is the quintessential dance tune. Of course, calling this a one hit wonder isn’t completely accurate, as the group only ever recorded the one track. Furthermore, as many of you will undoubtedly already know,  one third of Stardust is one half of the most iconic dance music duo of all time. Thomas Bangalter, of Daft Punk fame, combined forces with Alan Braxe and Ben Diamond for this 1998 dance floor heater, and his signature employment of the french house genre is evident everywhere in this track. From the phasing filter-play to the sultry disco vibes, “Music Sounds Better With You” will forever remain a true classic in the canon of dance music.