Michael Woods Premieres New ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ EP

Michael Woods's 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete' EP

Michael Woods – Ctrl+Alt+Delete EP
 Label: Diffused | Release Date: December 16, 2013

A term coined by PC’s that hasn’t changed much throughout the digital age is just about ready for an extreme makeover. Micheal Woods is attempting to restart your playlist with some new heavy progressive house tracks off of his new ”Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ EP. The EP winds down Michael Wood’s 2013, while allowing fans a chance to catch Wood’s new creative approach to his music with 3 tracks titled after each key in the restore command. Each track blends electro and techno sounds; showcasing Michael Wood’s variability and approach to creating unique house tracks. The EP is gearing Woods up for an massive 2014 and you can own a part of it. Purchase the EP available through Beatport now!