Zedd Releases ‘iTunes Session’ Acoustic EP Featuring Himself on the Piano

For the ones lucky enough to be awake past 1am on the East Coast (like me), we were given a treat with Zedd’s new EP titled “iTunes Sessions.” Zedd tweeted out the news at 1:33 a.m. that there was new music to find if you follow the link…my god. $4.99 to listen to six classic hits with Anton Zaslavski on piano?!

1: Spectrum – Zedd featuring Matthew Koma

This was the artist’s debut single off of the Interscope Records label in 2012. It’s fitting that it’s the first song from the new EP. This album art is a dead giveaway: Zedd has traded out his Pioneer for a piano. As Koma sings, a guitar strums, the drums pick up and the piano is softly in the background.

2: Stay the Night – Zedd featuring Hayley Williams

After the success of “Clarity”, listeners knew that Zedd could write love songs for women to sing. It was no surprise that “Stay the Night” was an instant hit. Primarily using the piano for this version, Zedd also proves something else: Hayley Williams is such a phenomenal acoustic singer.

3: Clarity (feat. Foxes & Matthew Koma)

Oh, Clarity. You couldn’t go within a foot of a festival or club without hearing this song getting dropped last summer. Credited as a songwriter for this track, Matthew Koma joins Foxes with singing this haunting song. Seriously, we need more of these two together. And Zedd continues to play on the piano, but this time accompanied by guitar.

4: Set Fire To the Rain (feat. Miriam Bryant)

Well here’s the gamechanger right here. Instead of the original vocals from Adele; we have Miriam Bryant, a Swedish singer. By now, we can expect the piano to be present in all of the songs on this EP, but the way Zedd just pours himself into the hook on his piano, paired with just the right amount of percussion is something else.

5: Push Play (feat. Miriam Bryant)

After hearing Bryant on a German radio station, Zedd remixed her song “Push Play” and worked on the music video together. The single was available to the public on the DJ’s re-released album. Also a signed-artist with Interscope Records, Bryant made this track her debut for the United States. Switching the synths for the electric guitar, this version still incorporates other instruments not heard in the original tracks.

6: Hourglass (feat. Jessica Sanchez)

The final song gives the most chills. Jessica Sanchez’s vocals replaces LIZ’s for this tune and unlike the original, the drop is so much more powerful. As Sanchez croons and Zedd builds up the song (thanks for the drums again) the culmination of the beat is an explosion of drum kicks and cymbals.


Zedd ‘iTunes Session’ EP | iTunes

Since playing the piano at age four, Zedd displays his musical talents in every form. We need more covers and versions of the EDM singles we know and love on this glorious keyboard. These type of remixes are the ones to stop and listen in awe to.