As of late, Eric Prydz has brought his A game across the country with his technologically advanced show, Epic 2.0. Operating under various aliases, Prydz is no stranger to working with various sounds across the spectrum, from tech to progressive, there is something for everyone. When a new track from Pryda, Cirez D or Eric Prydz surfaces, pay attention because it will most likely be epic.

Using his Pryda alias, the legendary Eric Prydz has a new track for us that was allegedly finalized last night and then sent off to BBC Radio 1 for its premiere on the Zane Lowe show today. Until today this track was an ID that was heard on the Epic 2.0 tour track. ‘Lycka‘ means happiness in Swedish, which embodies the sound of this track perfectly. The various uplifting synth lines build on one another to create a driving ethereal symphony that is characteristic of the Pryda name. On air with Zane Lowe, Prydz stated that he was in a good place when he wrote this track and characterizes how he feels at the moment. Well, thank you Eric Prydz for sharing your happiness with us!