Mike Hawkins & Toby Green – We Got This

Mike Hawkins & Toby Green

While many people complain about tracks being repetitive, some of us see lots of artists trying to hit the same mark. When different genres are hot, certain styles of composing work in crowds and others don’t. Right now, the Big Room House anthem sound is dominating and while dozens have taken a stab at it, a lot of the time it’s done poorly. It seems Mike Hawkins & Toby Green have been taking notes. The track is polished and produced to a mirror shine. Every second of the build sounds exactly the way they want it to, and the break, while familiar, has an extra level of shine to it. There’s a building intensity and how well it was done speaks to how much this sound is still being played at festivals everywhere. If Mike & Toby can make certain DJs pick this as their big room house track of choice, I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of them. Grab it on Beatport.