Mat Zo Gives LIV a Taste of Some Damage Control

It was a rather rainy night down in Miami this past Thursday. Even still, people made their way from all over South Florida and packed themselves into the lobby of South Beach’s Fontainebleau. Eager adults, both young and old, waited outside of the prestigious LIV mega club for one reason: Mat Zo. Around 11:30 the doors opened and security slowly but surely let the anxious viewers into Miami’s acclaimed club. Having heard a lot about LIV in the past and being a huge fan of Mat Zo’s new album Damage Control I had much to look forward to with this show.

As I walked in, it was easy to see why LIV is talked about the way it is. With its glimmering lights, lavish ornaments, and overall elegant atmosphere, the mega club lived up to its reputation. Norin & Rad opened up as the night was still rather early and people were only just getting in. They started their set slow but picked up the pace as the night went on, playing hit songs like Nicky Romero and Krewella’s Legacy. As they picked up the pace of their set, the change in the atmosphere was evident as well as more and more attendees started to flood the dance floor. After conglomerating all of the viewers together and warming them up, Norin & Rad finished their set and stepped off for the main man to take the stage.

As the lights dimmed, fans started to go quiet in anticipation. Smoke could be seen surrounding the DJ booth as the opening of “Superman Lost” started to be heard around the club. Then out of the smoke came the man himself, Mat Zo. The crowd cheered and went wild. Mat Zo played an electrifying set filled with all types of genres to get the club going. He played tracks from his new album such as “Lucid Dreams,” which had the viewers vibin’ as well his hits like his collaboration with Porter Robinson “Easy.” Along with his own original songs, Mat Zo threw in some of regular the heavy hitters like Hardwell’s “Spacemen” to create some high energy among the crowd. However, this didn’t mean that Zo wasn’t down to play some more down tempo music as was shown when he played Deadmau5’s “Strobe,” and later his own collab with Arty “Rebound.” As Mat kept the crowd going all night, LIV did its part to add to the overall experience with its incredible production that included extraordinary lights and showers of confetti. Overall, Mat Zo played a marvelous set that showed his ability to change pace, yet still able keep the audience dancing all night. With only about a month left on his Damage Control World Tour I would not give up the opportunity to catch one of his shows as it is certainly not one to miss.