Gesaffelstein Shows Us What He’s Made Of With “Aleph”


Gesaffelstein has done what he does best and it has put him on the map.  If you aren’t familiar with Gesaffelstein, his music falls somewhere in between a Daft Punk show and the industrial underground genre. This album is almost reminiscent of Designer Drugs, around the time Riot came out, although Aleph is a bit more subdued. The mood is low key, the bass is a bit muffled (with good reason) and the album has come right in time for Halloween weekend: eerie, industrial and a bit as if a robot in a dystopian, future-esque sound. While each track maintains the same emotion and quality, there are distinct differences that make each one unique better than the last. Minimalism, a bit of dub and a whole lot of awesome is what you should expect from Aleph. Beautifully created and mastered, this album is one for the books.

1. Out Of Line
2. Pursuit
3. Nameless
4. Destinations
5. Obsession
6. Hellifornia
7. Aleph
8. Wall Of Memories
9. Duel
10. Piece Of Future
11. Hate Or Glory
12. Values
13. Trans
14. Perfection