Deadmau5 Recent Musings Yield Raw Progressive Track with Enchanting Vocals, ‘Drop the Poptart’

Last weekend at Hard Day of the Dead, Deadmau5 closed out the festival with an absolutely epic show. Mr. Mau5 pulled out all the stops by taking his audience on an aural journey through time and space with his array of ethereal and progressive tracks; he even took his Mau5 head off and went “Unplugged” for a while. After that wonderful show Joel has wasted zero time getting back into production and as we know all his musical musings will find themselves up on his sound cloud.

The latest addition carries a non-sequitur working title of “Drop the Poptart“, as usual Mau5 track names give little away about the musicality of the track itself. “Drop the Poptart” begins with sad and emotive piano chords paired with Colleen D’Agostino’s yearning vocals, which then breaks into a melodic progressive electro synth line that grounds Colleen’s floating vocals. Although “Drop the Poptart” is merely a “sketch” at the moment and the vocals were originally written for a different track, Deamau5′ recent production experiment has resulted in raw beauty. We are excited to see where he takes this.