Deadmau5 Continues Streak of Uploads with Piano Infused ‘Gula’

Keeping up with the seven deadly sins theme, “Gula” is the vice of gluttony, and oh boy do we devour this. The first two minutes are strictly piano. After coming off the high that was Zedd’s recent acoustic / piano EP, I was content to just keep on listening to this lovely instrument for the whole 4 minutes and 22 seconds. The Mau5 had other plans. The beat starts to pick up and other sounds are incorporated at the 1 minute mark then BOOM the 1 minute and 45 seconds mark comes along and we have our first beat drop. 2 minutes and 50 seconds and this has become a track that you cannot pry yourself from and has you frantically searching for show tickets to try and see this get played live. Then it’s back to the piano and you can collect yourself from the rollercoaster you just went on. Thanks for this gem, Mr. Mau5.