Datsik & DKS – Deep End

Dat's Sick
Datsik just released a preview of his new track, ‘Deep End’ with DKS.  The Firepower record label head, Datsik, found DKS and signed him shortly before the release of DKS’ famous ‘Can’t Get Enough EP’.  Since then, the Bristol based dubstep producer has been seen as an upcoming talent in the bass scene and under Datsik’s label it appears that his creative powers are being efficiently harnessed.  This preview of ‘Deep End’ has been released in anticipation of the ‘Deep End EP’, set to drop in December.  The track has a tremendous bassline which drips with a triumphant air of confidence. It’s sophisticated sound is soon augmented by airy female vocal sampling that sounds like it’s something straight out of a trance record but somehow fits perfectly with the dubstep background.  Datsik and DKS are certainly a pair to watch in the coming months, particularly when the full version of ‘Deep End’ comes out next month.