Bingo Players – Buzzcut (Popeska Remix)

20-year old dj Popeska, out of Atlanta, has produced an outstanding remix of Bingo Players’ track ‘Buzzcut’.  In the track, a light, upbeat electro house feel gives way to a heavyset festival beat.  In this remix, Popeska seems to have very well represented the Bingo Players’ signature sound while still adding his own spin.  ‘Buzzcut’ and other tracks by the now legendary Dutch duo are often characterized by their techno house synth segments, like in this year’s big hit track: ‘Rattle’.  Popeska, who has toured widely in the past year throughout the U.S. with the likes of Wolfgang Gartner and others, has added this track to the album “Dance (Red) Saves Lives Vol. 2”, which is now available on Itunes.  All proceeds of the album will go to research for fighting AIDS.  You can purchase the album, which has an impressive lineup of remixes from a number of genres here.