Deadmau5 is a very active Twitter user. In fact, he’s a very active everything, and has been in the dance music media spotlight for weeks now. This time, he’s interacting with a fan who is only 8 years old. It all started on Monday, when a Twitter user by the name of Dariu5 Deadmu5 vowed to draw the DJ’s signature mau5head everyday until he met him.


Starting off with a piece from October 8th referencing Canada, Deadmau5‘s native country, the young boy’s father posted a backlog of all the drawings his son had done to date. Within hours, the EDM artist replied. Instructing all his followers to follow Dariu5.


Quickly, Dariu5 thanked his idol and the thousands of new followers he had gained in a matter of hours. After a few days of exchanging art and encouragement, Deadmau5 agreed to meet his creative fan. As of now, the two are set to meet on December 28th in Edmonton, Canada.

We can’t help but be happy for the little guy! Good job Dariu5!